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Oct 19, 2020

Landscape maintenance professionals have many factors to consider, each of which has unique challenges in terms of types of grass, whether they need to bag, mulch or side discharge, and the size of the property and its terrain. Landscape professionals should build their fleet with equipment that can help them be versatile enough to do any job in varying conditions and provide both mulching and bagging services to clients.

“When to mulch versus when to bag really comes down to preference,” according to Kubota Turf Senior Product Manager, Tom Vachal. “There are instances where mulching is not an option, specifically when grass is wet. Having equipment that can handle mulching, yet switch to bagging when the conditions require, will ensure a lawn can be at its best in any weather.”

When it comes to picking the right mower, many of the differences lie in the type of fuel it takes; between diesel, gas, propane or electric, professionals should consider what their needs are before they make a choice on a machine. Each option offers its own unique benefits and limitations. For gas engine options, efficiency is key. Better overall efficiency means more horsepower to the deck and less heat into the oil. This translates to a fast, high quality cut, whether the turf is easy or tough, or the terrain is flat or hilly. Diesel-fueled mowers are easier to maintain, have a longer service life, and run quieter for a more comfortable ride. For jobs that require additional attachments for mulching or bagging, a proper amount of horsepower to operate the attachments is crucial.

Kubota’s commercial line of mowers, like the Z700 series, are designed to work with all types of grasses with baggers that can collect grass in the wettest of conditions. Models like the Z751 and Z781 boast a sophisticated electronic fuel injection (EFI) system that adjusts the high-pressure fuel delivery for optimum power and fuel efficiency, ideal for challenging conditions and uneven terrain. These mowers are also equipped with Kawasaki EFI engines that combine all the advantages of a fully-integrated electronic governor (E-Gov), cutting-edge ECU control, and open-loop technology, which contributes to high performance without experiencing power loss, even when confronted by heavy workloads or uneven terrain.

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