Kubota Insurance- Questions and Answers

Jun 6, 2019
Kubota insurance is a great thing to have on your new purchase, but Kubota Insurance is something people have a lot of questions about. We would like to take just a few minutes to clarify some of those questions.

We want to  make it clear that insurance is for an accident and just that. For instance, if a tree falls on your Kubota, or if you drive it into a pond or if your Kubota is parked in your garage and your garage burns down, that's what Kubota insurance will cover.
Mechanical failures will not be covered. If you have an issue where your Kubota blows a head gasket or a belt breaks or a fuse blows or something of that type of mechanical failure occurs, that will not be covered under your Kubota insurance. 
In conclusion, think of your Kubota insurance like you think of your car insurance. For mechanical issues, look into your warranty information.

As always though, if you have more questions or want more information about the Kubota insurance, do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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