Perks of Genuine Parts

Jan 28, 2020

What's the difference between a genuine kubota part and an aftermarket part from a competitor? Better efficiency and longer lifespan from your part, making your equipment run better and much less likely to breakdown. 

Test results show the filtration efficiency rate of a Kubota genuine filter is better than an after-market competitor, over a specified test period. The efficiency of Kubota filter improves as the hours pass.


Not only is the efficiency better, but the quality is too. The filtration area for the Kubota genuine filter is bonded and supported by metal caps for durability. In contrast, an after-market competitor filter is bonded to paper cardboard which can easily come off, leak oil or collapse, meaning the oil will not pass through the filter.


Need help finding the right genuine part for your equipment? Contact one of our parts specialist today. 

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