Air Filters- The Lungs of your Tractor

Apr 13, 2019

We all like fresh air and so does your tractor.

The importance of a clean air filter cannot be understated. New, clean air filters are critical for your tractor to operate effectively and efficiently. Dirty air filters can lead to higher fuel consumption and poor engine performance. The practice of trying to clean an air filter instead of replacing your old air filter can lead to engine failure. So what would you rather do, spend your money on a new air filter or buy a new engine? That’s a math problem that’s not hard to figure out. With the new tier four engines, clean air filters are very important to the proper operation of emission systems. I will address this more in my next blog. For now, remember how much you like fresh air and let your tractor breath fresh air too.

Remember guys, if women don’t find you handsome, make sure they find you handy.

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