Why Choose a Gator Blade Over a Standard?

Jun 8, 2018

    When buying a mower or servicing your mower some of the questions that comes to mind is this: What is the best blade for my mower? What is going to give me the best, clean cut possible? Many people go for the standard blade thinking there is not a difference between the different blades available. However, Bentley Brothers carries Gator Blades, and for us, this is the best recommendation we can give to people. So, what is the difference between a gator blade and a standard blade and why choose that for your mower?

    Unlike other mulching blades that push the grass down, the high lift on a gator blade draws the grass up which in turn gives you a clean, even cut. This high lift also makes using Gator Blades in bagging operations a great choice.
    Looking at the blade, you may think that the raised teeth are for cutting however, they don't cut the grass at all. The angle of the teeth is what produces those clean-cut mulching results. The teeth angle toward the center of the blade to redirect airflow and push the grass clippings back over the cutting edge of the mower blade repeatedly resulting in smaller and smaller clippings, giving you that high quality mulch. And because the teeth aren't used for cutting, you do not have to sharpen them and are able to sharpen the actual blade the same as you would with a standard blade. 
    For a standard mower, a multi blade deck works best with our Gator Blades. We do recommend a mulching kit for a single blade deck however, you will still see a much better mulching result with a Gator Blade with out the attachment. 
    In the summer most mow their lawns at least once a week, and sometimes more. If you are going to take the time to mow and make your lawn look nice, don't you want to use the best product? Why spend more time than you need to when a gator blade will do the trick on your first try? Next time you are servicing your mower, I urge you to ask our parts manager about the benefits of our gator blades and how you can get your hands on them. I promise, you will not be disappointed!


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