Bentley Brothers Tractor College

Join Adam Krenning, the Agricultural Teacher from Albion, for our first ever Tractor College on June 2nd at our Albion location!!

Ages 14 and Up
Lunch will be provided! Registration recommended!
A gift will be provided to anyone who registers before May 25th!

Some of the many things students will learn:

  • Why and how farm environment can differ from other jobs and why these differences increase hazards and risk of injury
  • Safety and health regulations important to youth who plan to work in the field of agriculture
  • Hazards in agriculture associated with mechanical equipment
  • Agriculture Tractors and what they're designed to do. As well as the types of hazards associated with farm tractors
  • Discuss the safe use of a skid steer. Learn how to use it properly and the machine's limitations.
Register at:


Albion , US
13936 Route 31